Celebrate Irish Film and our Island with us from 31st August to 2nd September 2018

We are delighted to share some our fabulous programme for this year’s event with you! The full programme will be added to this website very soon.

Thank you to all who submitted work and sorry we can’t fit you all in! The high quality of the work this year has made the selection process difficult. We are small and beautiful like your shorts and we look forward to celebrating with you all too.

This year as well as great films we have a host of great people joining us to share with you, the audience, their motivations and methods behind the films you will see. We will run a series of relaxed Q&A’s over the event.

The Silver Branch by Katrina Costello

In this bittersweet evocation of the end of an era, an Irish farmer/poet,
deeply entwined with ancestral traditions and the natural world, must stand
up for all that is sacred to him when the government threatens his way of

It resonates with its audience on a deeper level: It is a story of life,
love, family, grief, of commitment and of the struggles of modern day life.
It invites the viewer to follow in mindful meditation and to take a journey
into the self, leading us to a deep connection with the Earth and our
Ancestral wild spirit

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If you want to find out more about our little get together please check out the clip below from festival 2014. We have some great ideas for year 6, YES year 6 in 2018, and we hope you can join us for another special weekend on Clare Island!